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How can you help us?

You can support wildlife in various ways with a financial contribution. Your support is more than welcome and greatly appreciated! Every little bit makes a big difference.

How nice that you want to support nature with a one-time donation! Big or small, any amount is welcome. Use the donation module for your gift.


You probably have an old phone in a drawer or an empty cartridge in your printer. Turn it in for the wildlife! At the entrance of Amersfoort Zoo you will find a collection point for old phones and empty cartridges. The proceeds go to the Wildlife Fund and support various projects. So you can do your bit to help the animals in the wild.

Would you like to support the Wildlife Fund with a higher amount? Make a donation in the form of an annuity gift. In this way you support our foundation, and with it our various projects, for five years with a minimum annual contribution of € 100. A fantastic contribution to the foundation!

Make nature your heir! More often people include charities in their will. This can be done by means of a ‘bequest’. With a bequest you can specify what part of your legacy you want to leave to the Wildlife Fund. In addition, you can include the foundation as an heir in your will.

If you want (part of) your legacy to benefit wildlife, you can name the Wildlife Fund as (co-)heir. This way of bequeathing is called ‘heirship‘. First all rights of others (estate fees, bequests and possible debts) are deducted from the total estate. What remains of this is allocated to the heirs.

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