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South Africa Wildlife Forensic Fund 4998 2023

There is a lot of trading in endangered animals and endangered plants. This illegal trade has major consequences for the survival of animals such as rhinos, bears and elephants, while only a very small number of poachers and traders are arrested. It is very difficult to tackle this problem. For example, proper investigation must be carried out at the crime scene, evidence must be collected and protected and then the procedures and processes in court must run smoothly.

Fortunately, the Wildlife Forensic Fund is committed to combating the illegal trade in wild animals and plants. They conduct research and want to ensure that forensic knowledge is increasingly spread. They want to provide rangers and law enforcement officers with the right knowledge and expertise to investigate crime scenes involving wild animals and to track down and prosecute criminals.

Thanks to the Amersfoort Animal Park Wildlife Fund, 10 rangers can be trained. They follow an intensive three-day training and learn how to best provide first aid to animals and how to collect evidence.

Do you also want to combat poaching and illegal trade in animals? Then see here how you can support DierenPark Amersfoort Wildlife Fund.

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