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Peru Proyecto Mono Tocón 5.000 2023

The San Martin titi monkey lives in the tropical forests at the foot of Andes mountains. Much of its native habitat in Peru has been converted to farmland, the species is now threatened with extinction. The disappearance of the rainforest is not only a problem for the titis, but also for the other animals that live here, such as the sloth and the night monkey. In addition, deforestation dries up the water sources for the local population and the erosion pollutes the rivers, causing fish to die. The future of both humans and animals is under threat.

To do something about this situation, Proyecto Mono Tocón was founded in 2009. Together with the local population, this organization is looking for ways in which people and nature can live together in harmony. The young and motivated team does this through scientific research, nature education and protecting the rainforest.Nature education is very important to make people aware of the importance of the rainforest around their towns and cities. Proyecto Mono Tocón organizes many educational activities in schools, has set up nature clubs for young people and promotes nature protection during local festivals.
The result of the educational activities is that local communities now want to protect nature, but they need help to do so. Proyecto Mono Tocón helps them establish and manage protected areas. Because many of these areas are actually too small for viable populations of animals, the organization now has a project to plant green connections between small protected areas, allowing animals to move from one protected area to another and keeping populations healthy. to stay.

Proyecto Mono Tocón works with local communities to protect the San Martin titi monkey and its habitat. This is only possible with the support of international partners like DierenPark Amersfoort Wildlife Fund.

Do you want to help? Check the website of DierenPark Amersfoort Wildlife Fund!

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