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Nepal Red Panda Network 42888 2016-2021-2023-2024

With their fluffy fur and dark brown eyes, pandas look cute and sweet. Now it sounds very nice to be popular, but for the pandas it is not convenient. In fact, because many people want a panda, these animals are endangered.

There are still 10,000 red pandas living in the wild and they are becoming fewer and fewer. Besides being caught to keep as pets, these animals are also killed to make coats from their beautiful fur. Many trees are also being cut down, leaving the pandas with less and less living space.

The Red Panda Network in Nepal trains locals to become forest guards. The forest guards observe the pandas and keep an eye on the poachers. In this way they try to prevent more animals from being poached. The Wildlife Fund supports this organization so that together we can protect the pandas and also keep these animals in the wild.

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