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Vietnam EPRC 4.000 2022
Credit EPRC

Cuc Phuong Endangered Primate Rescue Centre (EPRC) since over 10 years actively participate in rescuing, rehabilitation and release of two species of slow loris – lesser Nycticebus pygmaeus and Bengal Nycticebus bengalensis. Despite apparent decrease in a number of other primate species in trade the trend in lorises remain stable and high. Within the period of last 10 years 193 lorises (120 LSL and 73 BL) arrived in EPRC from confiscations of which 83 (55 LSL and 28 BL) could have been released back to nature. Currently (2022) they hold 17 Bengal and 21 lesser slow lorises. A significant part of that group might be suitable for release but only after evaluation of their survival skills in semi-wild enclosures.  

Credit EPRC

Therefore there is an urgent need to construct naturalistic enclosures for such animals, where they can learn to climb, get the sap from trees and first of all catching insects on their own. Such a facility will also allow to closely observe their behavior through infrared cameras and assess their ability to utilize natural resources before the actual release. The enclosures will contain larger trees as well as smaller bushes and ground covering plants. They will be surrounded by a corrugated metal around with lower part wire-netted. That will prevent animals from escaping but will allow insects to enter the enclosure.

DierenPark Amersfoort Wildlife Fund supports EPRC in their efforts for constructing this enclosure.  

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