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Namibia Africat North / CCCP 14.700 2011 - 2017

The number of lions in Namibia has declined by more than 80% over the past 100 years. However, the population in this country is of great added value worldwide as it is believed to be one of the few in Africa without the FIV virus.

Africat North aims to conserve and protect lions inside and outside National Parks such as Etosha. In order to do so, the local community, which is often bothered by predators, also needs to be supported. At the office of Africat North there is an education center where, for example, school children from the surrounding concervancies (with lion problems) are regularly invited.

Currently, Africat North’s CCCP is focusing on educating some specific communities and setting up large beads in these areas. Their objective is that through the improved new beads and continuous support (education/training) to the population, livestock losses will decrease, leading to less loss of income. This in turn should lead to more tolerance and understanding towards predators such as the lion.

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