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Senegal Stichting Leo 8480 2023

Lions in Senegal are regionally endangered and only live in small, fragmented populations in protected areas. The main threats are habitat destruction by agricultural development (of the dry savannah) and the killing of lions that prey on livestock by local pastoralists. It is therefore very important that there are well-trained rangers who keep an eye on the animal population.

With the support of the DierenPark Amersfoort Wildlife Fund, a 2-week training course is being organized for eco-guards and rangers in the Niokolo Koba National Park. The course is organized by Stichting Leo. It will mainly focus on gaining practical experience so that the rangers can better monitor the lions that live in and around the park. A good way to keep an eye on the animals is to collect their feces. This way the rangers know where the animals live and what they eat. This information allows them to help the animals even better.

Do you also think it is important that the lions in Senegal are helped? Then take a look at this page to see what you can do!

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