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Cyprus CWRI 9.000 2022

Griffon Vulture faces a high risk of extinction in Cyprus. Once a common species, with a previous population of several hundred birds in the 50s, stands at 20 vultures, representing a 94% decline. The reason behind this rapid decline is the usage of poison baits to control predators (foxes and feral/stray dogs).  

DierenPark Amersfoort Wildlife Fund supports Cyprus Wildlife Research Institute (CWRI), a non-profit organization working for the wellbeing of nature and wildlife of Cyprus and the wider Levantine Basin. CWRI is conducting the Safe Landscapes for Griffons Project to ensure the wellbeing of the species. With the help of the project, CWRI will understand the drivers of wildlife poisoning better and tackle the issue via establishing a common ground for dialogue between key stakeholders (i.e., shepherds, husbandry owners, decision-makers, and conservationists) and provide a policy paper to enhance relevant legislation in the northern parts of Cyprus. The project also aims to build the capacity of Rescue and Rehabilitation Program of CWRI by training its staff on vulture incidents and enhancing its infrastructure (via constructing carrying, rehabilitation, and releasing cages) to take care of Griffon Vultures when needed. 

Do you want to contribute to the protection of Griffon Vulture? Support DierenPark Amersfoort Wildlife Fund! 

Photo credits: George Konstantinou

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