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Democratic Republic Congo Itombwe Génération pour l’Humanité (IGH) 5.000 2022

The Itombwe nature reserve is a Protected Area which represents one of the largest remaining contiguous tracts of rainforest in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. This forest is most important for Eastern chimpanzee conservation. However, habitat destruction and bushmeat poaching are having a devastating effect on Itombwe’s ecosystems and chimpanzees. Local people are often killing chimpanzees for subsistence bush meat. Loggers, miners and farmers destroy forest, and more forest habitat on which chimpanzees depend were already lost over the last decade, reducing tree cover and threatening the continued survival of this Endangered ape species.  

Community antipoaching patrol teams are helping in protecting chimpanzees and forest habitat in Itombwe nature reserve. Photo credit: IGH

Dierenpark Amersfoort Wildlife Fund is supporting conservation efforts in Itombwe nature reserve to ensure the survival of chimpanzee and gradually increase chimpanzee population number in this Protected Area. Activities look after intensive community antipoaching patrol operations and ongoing monitoring of chimpanzees in remotes areas of Itombwe nature reserve. In addition to this, education for various local stakeholders and audiences is conducted in different villages adjacent to Itombwe nature reserve to encourage local communities to change their behavior toward chimpanzee and avoid further destruction of the forest habitat that sustains chimpanzees in the reserve.   

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