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Zimbabwe RESA 2.444 2022

Bees are good for biodiversity. They transfer pollen from one flower to another and thus ensure that plants can reproduce or bear fruit. Unfortunately, in some countries the bees are not doing well and some species are already going extinct. Also in Africa, fewer and fewer bee species are seen. This reduction in bees is related to the expansion of agriculture. Bees need different plant species and agriculture means that many of the same plants are found.

The organization RESA in Zimbabwe therefore focuses on improving the living environment of bees. They do this by creating flower beds in schools and public spaces with native flowers. They also provide information to primary and secondary schools about ecology and the importance and conservation of bees. They mainly do this in areas where few different species of bees live and they want to improve the position of the bee.

Do you also want to contribute to more biodiversity? Then you can plant flowers in your garden (or in a pot on the balcony) and provide more insects. Or support DierenPark Amersfoort Wildlife Fund!

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