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Paraguay Boetner Foundation 10.000 2009 - 2010

Getting visitors excited about nature is generally done faster with a passionate story by an employee than by a piece of text. We notice this in DierenPark Amersfoort, but it is certainly the case in Asunción Zoo in Paraguay. A large part of the population is illiterate.

In consultation, it was decided to establish a volunteer organization. After a course provided by biologists in May 2009, the members of the group are active on a daily basis to enthuse the visitors of the zoo about the special animal world of their country. At the end of the year, a second course was started and the number of volunteers was increased. A private room has been realized which is also used as a teaching room.

The zoo sees it as its task, in the rapid economic developments and changes due to the restoration of democracy, to call attention to the preservation of the special nature in Paraguay, especially the threats to the tropical rainforest.

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