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Vietnam Save Vietnam Wildlife 5500 2023

Elephants are an integral part of many ecosystems, but they can also pose a threat to local communities, as they prefer secondary forests adjacent to local communities, and often raid crops due to the dense availability of food resources. That’s why Save Vietnam’s Wildlife is using a holistic approach to testing a novel solution that uses cutting-edge technology to detect and prevent human-elephant conflict (HEC).

The project will utilize local ecological knowledge of affected farming communities to map out emergence points of elephants. AI cameras will be set at each emergent point adjacent to local communities, and when an elephant is detected, an alert will be sent to local people’s smartphones. In order to take effective and ethical action, local people will be trained in HEC mitigation strategies, and learn about incorporating elephants as a value to their communities through ecotourism.

Aside from the AI early warning systems, this project will also gather valuable data on elephant populations and behavior to aid in conservation efforts and decision-making. With the combination of cutting-edge technology and community involvement, the goal is to provide a sustainable solution for coexistence between elephants and local communities. By reducing crop damage and promoting ecotourism, the project aims to ensure the safety and prosperity of both humans and elephants alike.

Thanks to the support of DierenPark Amersfoort Wildlife Fund the local communities will be trained in the holistic approach to prevent human-elephant conflict.

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