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Costa Rica Adopteer Regenwoud 4000 2023

The rainforest in Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful, special and biodiverse places on earth: extremely important to preserve for current and future generations. Adopteer Regenwoud is an established and professional non-profit organization that makes a positive contribution to the fight against deforestation and biodiversity loss in the tropics. Since its founding in 2011, the organization has strived to protect and, where necessary, restore 2,000 hectares of lowland rainforest in Costa Rica. This area is sufficiently spacious for the endangered jaguar to survive, and it is priceless due to its rich biodiversity and strategic location. There are many different animals in the reserve, such as the sloth, boa constrictor, various types of frogs and butterflies.

Furthermore, the foundation contributes to the global conservation of tropical rainforests and biodiversity. This is done not only through protection, but also through long-term research into biodiversity in the reserve. The more we learn about the rainforest, the more effectively we can conserve it and share this valuable knowledge. All these efforts are made possible thanks to close cooperation with the local population, who play an essential role in the foundation’s success.

Observation tower
To better protect and monitor the rainforest, Adopteer Rainwoud will build a observation tower with the help of the DierenPark Amersfoort Wildlife Fund. This observation tower will be at the highest point of the nature reserve. The rangers of Adopt Rainforest can use the tower to detect intruders or changes. In addition, the tower will also be used for research, studies and counts of animal species.

Would you also like to lend a hand? Check out the Adopteer Regenwoud website or see what you can do on this page!

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