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Suriname Stichting Paramaribo zoo 5.000 2011

In order to introduce and show the beauty of nature to the people of Suriname, the Wildlife Fund lent a hand to Paramaribo Zoo with money, knowledge and manpower.

With the received donation Paramaribo Zoo has started the preparations for ‘Secret Residents of the Rainforest’. The educational presentation will be realized in an existing building that was built in the 1990s as a veterinary center, but was never used as such. Its octagonal shape and the positioning of its (half-finished) walls make it an ideal location to create natural accommodation for piranhas, poison dart frogs, snakes, tarantulas and other cold-blooded creatures with a relatively small budget. People often have preconceptions about the various species and hands-on presentations will tell more about these animals that everyone has heard of, but that many children have never seen in the flesh.

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