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Ivory Coast Wild Chimpanzee Foundation (WCF) 24.984 2009 - 2013

Club PAN (Personnes, Animeaux Nature) is a conservation and education project of the Wild Chimpanzee Foundation. The club gets children from around the Tai Reserve excited about the animal world through, among other things, theater performances, field trips and, mainly, lots of play. The reserve is home to the last viable groups of chimpanzees in Ivory Coast.

Human population pressure around the reserve has increased in recent years. Every child, anywhere in the world, has a natural interest in animals, and even in a country with a very low standard of living like Côte d’Ivoire, it shows. The Club PAN ensures that this interest is nurtured and developed.

In addition to supporting Club PAN’s educational program, it also invests in the local population by developing snail farms. The farms provide a protein-rich food source that offers an alternative to poaching in a fairly simple and above all sustainable way.

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