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Argentina Associacion para la Conservacion y el Estudio de la Naturaleza (ACEN) 7.468 2009

Visitors to DierenPark Amersfoort sometimes find it difficult to locate this small cat species in the enclosure. Let alone when researching Geoffroy’s cats throughout Argentina! Research is desperately needed, because the Geoffroy’s cat is on the verge of receiving endangered status.

A species so invisible does bring challenges and patience during research. Fortunately, thanks to the contribution of the Wildlife Fund in 2009, much has been done. Good insight was gained into the genetic characteristics of the Geoffroy’s cat population in the various parts of Argentina. DNA material was extracted mainly from manure and tissue. Then the effects of human developments in the distribution area were analyzed. In this way it should become clear to what extent the, rather large, distribution area of the species is in fact already fragmented.

Next year the Associacion para la Conservacion y el Estudio de la Naturaleza hopes to have the whole situation mapped out. It will then become clear whether the Geoffroy’s cats are actually only found in isolated areas or whether there are larger areas with viable populations. With this information an action plan can be set up for the protection of this special cat species.

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